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Breakfast Menu


Howey Special$9.00

Two eggs, choice of meat, toast and hash browns.  Comes with freshly brewed coffee and fresh fruit garnish.
Special Served Monday to Friday 5am-9am

Logger's Special$12.95

Two eggs, bacon, ham and sausages.  Served with toast, hash browns and a fresh fruit garnish.

Steak & Eggs$15.95

Center cut 6oz NY strip loin, two eggs, hash browns and toast.  Served with fresh fruit garnish.

Eggs Benedict$14.95

Timeless classic of two poached eggs with back bacon atop an English muffin and topped with Hollandaise sauce.  Served with hash browns and fresh fruit garnish.

Hotel Classic$11.95

Two eggs, bacon strips, toast and hashbrowns. Served with a fresh fruit garnish. Sub bacon for: sausage, ham or back bacon

Pilot's Special$14.95

Two eggs, two French toast, hash browns and toast.  Choice of bacon, ham, or sausage.  Served with a fresh fruit garnish.

Omelets & Skillets

Our omelets are made with 3 eggs and loaded with fillings and cheddar cheese. Skillets have the fillings scrambled with the eggs then placed on the hash browns and finished with cheese. Please specify omelet or skillet when ordering. Served with hash browns and toast.
Substitute eggs for egg whites only extra $1.50


Filled with ham, real bacon, green onions, button mushrooms and red & green bell peppers. Served with a fresh fruit garnish


Your choice of seasoned ground beef or grilled chicken, diced tomato, green onions and olives. Comes with salsa and sour cream. Served with a fresh fruit garnish.

Ham & Cheese$11.00

Diced ham and lots of cheddar cheese.  Served with a fresh fruit garnish.


Filled with button mushrooms, green onions, red & green bell peppers, and diced tomato. Served with a fresh fruit garnish.

Meat Lovers$15.95

Grilled center cut New York steak, real bacon, ham, sausage, grilled button mushrooms and onions.  Served with a fresh fruit garnish.

Create Your Own$12.95

Choose any two add-ins from below and make your own favorite. Cheddar cheese is included. Served with a fresh fruit garnish.

Omelet Add-Ins:

Sandwiches & More

Add hash browns or an assortment of fresh fruit to any sandwich for $2.50 extra

Breakfast Sandwich$4.50

Fried egg, cheddar cheese and choice of bacon, ham or sausage.  Served on an English Muffin.
Get 2 for $8

Fruit Plate and Toast$8.95

Assorted fresh fruit.

Oatmeal Bowl$7.95

With a touch of brown sugar.
Add fresh berries or raisins to the oatmeal for $1.50 extra

Bagel and Fresh Fruit$8.00

Bagel of choice, cottage cheese, and an assortment of fresh fruit

Kailee's Crunch$8.95

Creamy greek yogurt layered and topped with crunchy granola and fresh berry mixture

B.L.T Supreme$7.95

Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, fried eggs and mayo on toasted rye bread

Mr. Howey$6.95

Smoked back bacon, thick cut tomatoes, cheese and mayo on toasted rye bread.


Two eggs with diced ham and green onions. Served between your choice of bread

Naleena's Poached$11.95

Two poached eggs on rye toast served with cottage cheese and fresh fruit

Breakfast Quesadilla$13.95

We start with a scrambled three egg omelet and add ham, green onions, diced tomatoes and fresh jalapenos. Then we heap this into a large flour tortilla and add lots of mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream

Miner's Special$14.95

Two eggs, two pancakes, hashbrowns and toast. Choice of bacon, ham or sausage. Served with a fresh fruit garnish

Griddle Works

Cinnamon Supreme French Toast$13.95

Three slices of our cinnamon rolls dipped in French toast batter and grilled to a golden brown.  Served with fresh fruit garnish.

Bluebery Pancakes

Large pancakes loaded with plump blueberries. Served with syrup and fresh fruit garnish
Short Stack $7.75 | Full Stack $10.95

French Toast

Thick slices of French bread dipped in egg batter and grilled to a golden brown. Served with fresh fruit garnish.
Add strawberry or blueberry sauce for $1.50 extra.
Short Stack $7.75 | Full Stack $10.95

Banana Chocolate Chip Pancake

Large pancakes loaded with fresh sliced bananas and chocolate chips. Served golden brown and with a fresh fruit garnish.
Short Stack $7.75 | Full Stack $10.95


Toast and jam$2.79

Hash Browns$3.99

Shredded or Cubed


Sausage Links$4.00



Cottage Cheese$3.95

English Muffin and Jam$2.79


Grilled Cinnamon Bun$4.00

Multigrain Bagel$3.50

Bagel With Cream Cheese$4.75

French Fries$6.00


Citavo Freshly Brewed Coffee$2.39

Hot Tea$2.39

Herbal Tea$2.89

Hot Chocolate w/ Whipped Cream$3.29

Mocha w/ Whipped Cream$3.29

Milk 2%

Regular $2.45 | Large $3.25

Chocolate Milk

Regular $3.00 | Large $3.80

Non Stop Soft Drinks & Iced Tea$3.25


Tropicana Orange Juice

100% Florida Pure Premium
Regular $3.50 | Large $4.00 | Carafe $8.95

Tropicana Apple Juice

Simply the Best 100% Pure Premium
Regular $3.50 | Large $4.00 | Carafe $8.95